BFit Physio & Fitness


BFit Physio & Fitness was experiencing the typical slew of challenges faced by SME business owners every single day – running the daily operations, ensuring finances are done properly, executing sales and marketing efforts, and juggling the human resources and legal structures of the business.

GoSME was engaged to assess and develop a business transformation and integration plan, that allowed Balli to make better sense of his business objectives and needs. Thereafter, the legal and business teams worked together to provide solutions that were strategic and effective.

The end result was a clear direction for BFit’s Sales & Marketing efforts with the accompanying digital assets, supported by a robust business and legal structure in the background. This freed up precious time and energy for Balli to focus on what he does best – partnering and guiding his clients to a healthier, fitter, pain-free life.

Working with the VanillaLaw™ and the GoSME teams has been a great experience. Not only did we tackle my legal needs, but we also worked on the business side of things. It was very effective and informative, working with a legal and a business team and seeing how law and business intersects – I really learned a lot.

From getting clarity about my business objectives, to cleaning up and augmenting my marketing channels, to learning how to protect my business assets; I have definitely seen increased business growth since working with the team. I also see my own renewed conviction and dedication to making my business a success. With their professional and dedicated support, I can say that I have not only grown as an entrepreneur but also as a person.

- Balli Singh


Owner & Founder, Singapore


– Balli Singh – Owner & Founder, Singapore

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