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Digital BN’s story is not uncommon. Business owners often start business with the intention to sell a product or service but it is not always easy to pick up the business knowhow required to sustain and grow a business. Even then, having the knowledge and applying it to one’s own business can be challenging as well.

With GoSME, Digital BN was able to reassess and integrate the disparate parts of their business into a more focused and intentional step towards business transformation. Together, the GoSME team worked with Brian to distill the true purpose of his business and then streamline and modernized his digital marketing presence. This overhaul resulted in better engagement from his target market, and revitalized his enthusiasm for his business.

When we enlisted the business team of GoSME to transform our business, we were unsure what to expect. What we did know was that before they helped us identify the areas we needed to focus on and change, we had little and mostly sporadic social media presence, and a very basic website with little engagement and we were at a loss as to how we could get our brand out there.

We were assigned a dedicated BizFriend and following extensive one-on-one discussions with us and thorough research, our BizFriend helped us identify our value proposition and determine our market segment. Next GoSME created an affordable, professional website for us focusing on our newly formulated message. Within a very short period of time, following implementation of a structured digital and social media campaign, we noticed more engagements which was encouraging. We never knew just how important it was to have an effective digital marketing strategy and look forward to continuing with GoSME in transforming and growing our business in 2019.

– Brian Nicolle


Owner & Operator, Sydney, Australia

– Brian Nicolle – Owner & Operator, Sydney, Australia

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