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Dr. Jessherin Sidhu has been a doctor for over a decade, but this was the first time she has had to operate her clinic as a business owner. Having previously worked for a major medical group in Singapore, coming out on her own meant that she had to create an identity and business proposition that would be unique.

The GoSME Team took the time to understand her business objectives and vision and translated that into a clear business plan that was direct and fuss-free. This was followed by a digital marketing exercise that ensured all marketing collaterals and efforts were aligned with InSync Medical’s vision and value proposition.

Having the support of both the business and legal teams as I planned my business was a crucial element to ensuring I got off on the right foot. Through their advice and experience, we were able to properly assess the legitimacy of certain partnerships, and successfully steered clear of some red flags.

Together, we then designed a clear strategy on how to market and protect our practice. Redesigning our website, developing a social media strategy, creating unique marketing collaterals that resonated with clinic’s value proposition made a lot of sense – nothing was done for the ‘sake of doing it’. The seamless teamwork and the level of professionalism is something I deeply appreciate. It is clear that the teams at GoSME and VanillaLaw™ are passionate and sincere about their goal to support SMEs.

- Dr. Jessherin Sidhu


Owner & Resident Doctor, Singapore


– Dr. Jessherin Sidhu – Owner & Resident Doctor, Singapore

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