The Legal Team


Founder & Managing Director

Barrister-at-Law (UK)
Accredited Mediator (SIMI)
University of Buckingham (UK)

Serving SMEs is something that Mark knew he wanted to do from the very beginning. In his experience, SMEs are always underrepresented, underserved and ignored. As such, he has made it his life’s goal to build an international community of SMEs who support each other in their growth plans. GoSME marks the beginning of this vision.

PAERIN CHOA, Associate Director

National University of Singapore, LLB

Work Experience
Paerin has more than 10 years of experience as a corporate lawyer with an unusual career trajectory – he spent 6 years right after law school as an actor, host and writer. His return to practice saw him successfully marrying the two worlds of Law & Entertainment.

Why Serve The SMEs?
“Having worked in the vastly different worlds of Law and Entertainment, I’ve gained a unique understanding of how SME owners need to balance multiple functions in their daily lives. This has helped me to grow into a better legal counsel for them.”

TOMOKA HASEGAWA, Foreign Lawyer (Japanese)

University of Kyoto (Japan), BSc (Pharmaceutical Science)

Work Experience
Tomoka deals exclusively with the firm's Japanese clientele. With a degree in Pharmaceutical Science and having passed the Japanese bar exam in 2004, she is especially adept at dealing with Intellectual Property law.

Why Serve The SMEs?
“Many Japanese SME owners struggle to find affordable and reliable legal support in Singapore. Having been based here for more than a decade, I aim to help my clients solve their problems effectively by being the bridge between Japanese SMEs and Singapore Law.”

NG BOON GAN, Senior Legal Associate

National University of Singapore, LLB

Work Experience
Boon Gan has been serving the SME market for over 5 years, specifically in areas such as mediation advocacy, advice on shareholder and director disputes, structuring settlements between competing businesses and representing clients in actions against errant employees.

Why Serve The SMEs?
“To survive, you must adapt. A sailboat turns faster than a Titanic - and it’s especially fulfilling to find and implement solutions to their legal issues, as well as witness the results in a faster timeframe.”

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