Can I filter our domain searches?

Yes. For free users, you can filter your searches by selecting only 1 domain.  For premium users, you can filter your searches by selecting more than 1 domains.

How do I find my business match?

You can go to the 2nd button from the left at the bottom of your screen and you will be able to view all the potential buyers and sellers.  The AI will automatically match you to your potential sellers and buyers in line with your chosen business domains.

Can I hide my location in GoSME?

In the interest of allowing members to know your location for greater transparency of identity, we have not allowed any member to hide the location of one’s business.

What is the difference in features between the free and paid account?

The free account allows you to swipe through members’ profiles, upload picture posts, join only 1 domain and limited to 1 message chat per month. When you upgrade your account to “Paid” version, you will get the extra features of limitless matches, full use of the chat functions and unlimited domains.

Do we need to place a credit card on account to download the app?

No. The app is absolutely free to download. However, depending on your device, Apple Store (Apple Users) or Google PlayStore (Android Users), your credit card details will be already in your device’s system.  The subscription fee will only be charged to your credit card placed in your Apple Store or Google PlayStore’s account once you […]