What Is GoSME?


I am new to GoSME. Why should I use GoSME?


Welcome to the community! We are very excited to have join GoSME and would like to share our best tips to get you started.

GoSME is a platform that is designed to help businesses find their match and connection based on a matrix of factors, namely: a business needs and its capabilities, the content of the posts and the rating which it gets from the community.

It was designed to challenge the outdated business matching matrices largely driven by the owner’s personality. We are not saying that one’s personality is not important but this has to be balanced with other aspects of the business.

The app offers 3 modes : POST | MATCH | RATE.

Go live on the app with your POST, find your target business MATCH, close the deal and RATE each other to improve your business credibility.


What are the best tips for navigating GoSME?


It is very important for you to build your business profile so that other members can get a good sensing of what your business needs and capabilities are. Read more HERE on how to set up your account and profile.

Now that your profile is set up, let’s explore how it works. Click HERE*

HERE – BACKLINK to the section on sign up & get started

HERE*- Backlink to “how does GoSME work”


Can I sell my products here?


No. GoSME is not a marketplace.  It is for business matchmaking.  If you sell products, you can benefit if you are looking to connect with quality service providers.  And if you are a service provider, you can both offer your services and seek the services of others. Just remember, businesses here are looking to work together, not sell products to each other.


Where are GoSME members located?


GoSME includes members from all over the world! There are no geographical limitations on memberships.  One of the best things about GoSME is that we can connect you with companies or business that are already on the ground in the places you want to be.